Pitroad – Bob and Susan Are Back!


Have you heard the news? Bob and Susan Fester are back! If you don’t know who Bob and Susan are you should really make it a point to visit them at Bixby’s Pitroad on Memorial this fall. The Festers built the building that Pitroad is in back in 2001 and originally named the service company “The Lube Shop”. In 2008, Bob and Susan sold “The Lube Shop” to spend quality with their family. After seeing the state of their loved company in August of 2014 the Fester’s moved back in to the building renaming the company Pitroad.

Pitroad and Bixby, Oklahoma have a lot of the same values and you can see that in their customer service. Both Bob and Susan are proud to say, “Try us one and you won’t go anywhere else”. This family owned company has the right idea and intentions of earning back the Bixby and South Tulsa business.

Some of what you can get at Bixby’s Pitroad:

  • Oil Changes
  • General Fluid Maintenance
  • Belts and Hoses
  • Light Repairs
  • Wiper Blades and installation
  • Air Filter replacement
  • Tire Rotations


Prepare for Winter List:

  • Fresh wiper blades to be sure your windshield is clean in cold temperatures
    Windshield washer fluid, below zero rating will ensure that it doesn’t freeze in containers and hoses.
    External lights working well so you can see and be seen in darker winter weather
    Check your cabin air filters, if your vehicle is equipped with them. Spring and Summer allergines can do a number on your air filters.
    Rotate your tires this will help prepare your vehicle for a winter conditions.
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