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Coach Erin Garcia, owner and founder of Entourage Coaching, has a professional and ministerial background which has been both rich and diverse, equipping her to become the inspirational, passionate coach that she is.  Erin has served as a co-pastor with her husband, an inner city outreach minister, a pastoral counselor, and even a music minister – including directing her own homegrown family singing group – The Garcia Family Singers.  (Her family performed every Christmas Eve at The Summit Club for seven years straight and many would come to the popular family buffet just to watch this talented “Von-Trapp” type of family grow up!)

There was a consistent theme that would weave through all the years of serving and caregiving which would become a lifelong philosophy for Erin – that life is truly a buffet of possibilities, and we need only to uncover the limitations lying within our own hearts. The quote by Howard Thurman truly conveys this theme – “Don’t ask what the world needs – ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Erin would take this mantra with her into her business and sales endeavors – often winning top producer’s awards and being promoted to leadership and training roles – excelling and always  motivated to master her craft.  She loves speaking and training to inspire and empower both leaders and their teams – teaching them to sharpen their relational skills and enhance their organizational cultures, helping them to collectively “come alive” to their mission and vision in the marketplace.

Erin is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation – a major governing body in the coaching world.  She recently became Board Certified through the Center For Credentialing and Education.  She also served as a coach educator in April 2011 and again in the fall of 2012 for Coachville – one of the largest coach training schools in the world – in their business academy, instructing coaches from all over the world.  Ironically, Erin received her first life coaching certification right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma through Accelerate Your Destiny in 2003 – founded by Henry Penix- a valued mentor in Erin’s life, who first introduced her to the concept of life coaching, and to whom she is very grateful.   Henry says of Erin, “Erin Garcia has proven herself as one of the nation’s finest coaches time and time again.  Her ability to assess a situation and provide a solution is unmatched in this field.  As the owner of a coaching company, I could always count on Erin to give 100% of herself to satisfy even the most complicated requests from our clients and make them happy.  I trust her implicitly and consider her a friend.”

Erin opened her own coaching practice called Real Skinny Life Coaching in 2009- the business name being a clever tie-in to her first book coming out (by winter of 2014), called The Real Skinny On My Anorexia – an autobiography recounting Erin’s life-threatening struggle with an eating disorder.  Erin’s story is also included in the compilation work that has just been published by Dr. Marilyn Gansel entitled Pain, Purpose, Passion – That was Then, this is now. – 22 Journeys from Devastation to Revelation. (Check in on Erin’s websitewww.entouragecoaching.com  and Facebook page to order this new inspirational book.)

The real skinny on Erin’s new emphasis on relationship coaching is fitting as Erin was blessed beyond measure to meet and marry the love of her life – Stephen Garcia in 1975- yes, 39 years ago!  Steve is a gifted cook who serendipitously came into Erin’s life right in the nick of time to save her from her certain fate if she continued in the eating disorder.  Erin knows that Steve is the unsung hero of her story and reminds him of that often.   Remarkably,  God then blessed Steve and Erin with 5 children who have in turn blessed them with 12 grandchildren! It is no secret that relationships are held in the highest regard in Erin’s heart- a core value and secret to any success she has achieved!  She quips, “without them (her close family and friends), I can do nothing.”

Hence, Entourage Coaching has been launched to enrich, design, and align your relationship world.   Whether it’s couples, singles, professional couples, Couplepreneurs, or couples considering a deeper commitment – Erin has the expertise to guide you as you explore these intimate connections.  Relationships are the most challenging areas of our lives, and require a set of finely honed interpersonal skills calling for raw vulnerability and a high level of emotional intelligence.  Erin knows people and what makes them tick!  When she partners with you in a coaching relationship, true magic happens and lives are changed!  Andrea Bowden Miley says: “After 8 years and 4 counselors, I was ready to give up on my husband.  Everyone told me to leave – that he couldn’t change.  Fortunately, he had a willing heart and went to Erin for help.  Erin’s unique style and approach to relationship coaching gave us both the tools we needed for success.  I now get along with people and have learned so much about myself and what triggers me.  Thank you Erin for coaching me and saving my marriage!”

Entourage Coaching helps couples to:  identify their unhealthy patterns; find their unconscious motivators and what they avoid; identify their love style; unearth their true desires; discover their relational ” blocks”; learn how they sabotage their relationships; acquire effective communication acumen, and leverage their relational greatness!  Our clients in committed relationships rediscover joy and fulfillment in their current love life, and our singles ready themselves for intentional dating where they become adept at choosing excellent candidates for their romantic quest.

In the business relationship world, we offer help in creating an atmosphere of going from good to great!  It’s always about finding quality in human capital. Erin enjoys assisting business owners to find new hires that are a perfect fit for their corporate cultures – placing the right people on the bus, so to speak!   Entourage accurately assesses candidates so as to leverage their strengths and pinpoint their motivators – removing the extra steps and precious time employers would need to invest in order to scrutinize potential ideal employees. We have the sophisticated assessments that human resource departments need to match the requirements they have in terms of behavior styles, motivators, and proficiencies.  In addition, Entourage evaluates the personal development of current employees in the skills they need to progress all contained in a cloud-based dashboard making it easy to track their targeted goals within the team.

Everything in business success boils down to relationships – leaders in their interactions with their business partners, their middle management, and their teams.  Erin really enjoys working with family-owned businesses – understanding relationship systems is vital and when combined with healthy family dynamics, can produce robust outcomes and optimum results.  Angie Bowker-Brant and Mark Brant of Bowker-Brant Realty Group said, ” This training accelerated our team bonding and the Print Survey increased our understanding of each other, which helped us become a higher producing team.  Erin didn’t just coach and train, she collaborated and became an extension of our team, which was invaluable in helping us move forward.”

For expertise in all the relationships in your world, Entourage Coaching will deliver! Contact Erin Garcia at 918-406-5934 or erin@entouragecoaching.com to schedule a strategy session.

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