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Coach Loren Montgomery will be entering into his sixth season as Head Football Coach for the Bixby Spartans.  He has a background playing football for Charles Page High School and a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning Leadership from Oklahoma State University. During his few years at Bixby, he has already led the Spartans to two Oklahoma 6A State playoff appearances and in 2014, he led the Spartans to the Class 6A Division II State Championship.  We got the opportunity to sit down with him and ask him a few questions.  

We Are Bixby: What made you decide to start coaching?
Coach Montgomery: I played football in college (he was a 4 year starter) and I guess I just wasn’t ready to give it up after that.  Approaching graduation, I did my final internship in 2000 at Jenks and got hired on right after that and was there for 10 years.  
WAB: How did you end up at Bixby?
CM: Coach Trimble was out for half the season so I became the interim coach.  While I was there I realized the potential, how quickly the community was growing and their influence on sports.  Once Trimble retired, I applied and have been here for 5 years.
WAB: Are there any coaches you have looked up to over the years?
CM: L.D. Banes, my high school coach.  Tom Eckert, my coach from NSU and Trimble.  All of them have had an influence on my coaching style.
WAB: What do you find most rewarding about coaching?
CM: Seeing the kids develop.  Especially underdogs like 7th-8th graders.  Seeing how they never anticipate getting to start, then watching them start in high school.  I actually had a few like that on our championship team last year.

WAB: What has coaching taught you about yourself?
CM: Being at Bixby has been a challenge but it has taught me to trust the process of being consistent in my coaching.  Learning to be patient.  This sport teaches life skills and discipline.  It teaches students they can do anything.

WAB: How do you keep your team motivated when things get hard?
CM: It’s tough.  I think the most important thing is knowing when to push and when to back off.  You have to find ways to make football fun because it’s more intense than it was when I was growing up.  Things are constantly changing.  We have videos, motivating artwork and pictures.  One thing we do before every game is watch a highlight video from the previous game.  Even small things like staying out of town for a game are motivating because it’s fun for them to get away together.

WAB: What do you find most challenging about coaching?
CM: Keeping them hooked in and motivated.  The challenges I face here are different from those even as Jenks.  I think keeping them engaged and knowing that the effort they put in will result in wins on Friday nights.  You have to keep the rewards and the challenges they have overcome in their sight.

WAB: What is your favorite memory from playing football in high school for Charles Page?
CM: Beating Booker T. my senior year.  It would have been the fall of ‘95.  We came from behind and beat them at their home field.

WAB: In closing, if you could say thank you to one person who and what would it be?
CM: My mom and dad.  I would say thank you for keeping me focused.  I’m successful today because of the values they taught me and because of their consistency.  
From our time spent with Coach Montgomery we can tell you that his passion is for the students.  To see them succeed in football and watch how it changes their confidence is what makes his heart beat. We can not wait to see all the amazing things he is going to accomplish this year at Bixby, much less in his career.

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