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Christ Chiropractic is Bixby’s main leader when it comes to all your chiropractic needs and neurological components. They help all of their patients achieve maximum genetic potential by alleviating subluxation, spine, joint and nerve pain, muscle aches, headaches, migraines, strains/sprains, and allergies.
At Christ Chiropractic, Dr. Jason Christ has been in the business for several years now and graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic. After graduating Christ saw that he was in the right field and he loved his job!

Dr. Jason Christ offers something that truly works for his patients. Designs for Health is a program that his office offers its patients. Designs for Health is a program that allows for his patients to receive top of the line products to help with their health and wellness.

Dr. Jason is also providing a Summer Detox Challenge for all his clients. Over the summer Christ Chiropractic will be having a program that is designed for their patients to help detox their bodies. The program is a 14 day detox that includes delicious smoothies and healthy meals for everyday during the detox! With the detox you will be able to lose weight and re-energize your body in a safe, simple, and effective way. The kit contains all the necessary directions and tips that you need during your 14 days. You can order the products at Christ Chiropractic and get to feeling great in just two weeks! The entire detox is only $140 for the 14 day detox that is proven to help you lose weight!
Come by Christ Chiropractic to keep your spine in line this summer and get back to a perfect you! You can either schedule an appointment online or call them! Christ Chiropractic is located at 8010 E 106th St ste. 103 Tulsa, Ok.


“Coconut Water is a better way to become more hydrated than drinking a glass of water,”

Dr. Jason Christ

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