Bixby – The First “Gigabit City” in Oklahoma!

BTC Broadband is a proud community partner and technology leader in Bixby. Their employees work here, live here, and enjoy being a part of community events and local organizations. Now, BTC is helping support the schools, economic development and the quality of life for area residents and businesses by offering the fastest internet speeds in Bixby and, in fact, the entire state of Oklahoma. Powered by BTC Broadband, Bixby is now the First Gigabit City in Oklahoma and home of “The Big Gig” (Internet speeds of 1 gigabit per second or 1,000 Mbps).

In year’s past, finding a place to live meant finding a good residence in a good location, at the best possible price. But in today’s digital society having access to dependable, high-speed Internet has become a major contributing factor. According to “The Connected Home” website, in the past 6 months, the number of household devices connected to the internet has risen from 5 to 10. Families are using more online resources than ever. BTC Broadband understands this and is ready to meet the need.

Currently, the Bixby area has 46 fiber-to-the-home residential developments comprising almost 4,600 homes. A total of 14 additional residential developments with the same fiber capability are slated for 2015. It is to these fiber-to-the home areas that ultra-fast Internet speeds can be delivered.

Speeds of up to one gigabit per second, (BTC’s “The Big Gig”) are about 100 times faster than the average high-speed Internet connection. This means you can stream large amounts of high-definition content at once, such as online video calls, real-time gaming, HD movies, and immersive educational experiences.

  • 2 hr HD movie      10 Mbps      approx. 53 minutes to download!
  • 2 hr HD movie         1 Gig          approx. 32 seconds to download!

BTC Broadband has also modified their other Internet offerings to satisfy people’s need to quickly stream, download and connect multiple devices simultaneously. They offer 60 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps (a gigabit). Internet options for homes served by copper can vary, so be sure to contact BTC Broadband to see if you live in a fiber area. (go to for a list of all the current and planned fiber-to-the-home developments).

Across the U.S. there are approximately 42 communities in 14 states currently being served by ultra-high-speed fiber internet providers, according to the Fiber to The Home Council.

BTC is celebrating their 100th year in business. Previously known as Bixby Telephone, the company branched out and began offering Internet service in 1993. In 2005, they changed their name to BTC Broadband. Today, they are much more than just a phone company. They are a full service telecommunications company providing reliable phone service, high-speed Internet and DIRECTV, in addition to a full array of business services.

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