Auction by Birds Eye Treasures

If you’re in the Bixby area on Friday June 6th and are looking for something exciting and different to do on your Friday night, Bird’s Eye Treasures is having their first ever auction for the public to come in and buy out some amazing antiques! The auction will run from 6:30 PM until roughly 8:30 PM.
At Bird’s Eye Treasures they offer some of Bixby’s best antiques! The shop opened up last year and has been doing great ever since and hopes to be expanding soon!
At their first ever auction they will have all different types of items to choose from. The community of Bixby has been donating items to be sold at the auction and the store has a second area where they have all of their auction items stored for Friday night.

Auction items include power tools, like Dewalt saws and even a Dewalt planer. Along with items for the family woodworker there are many different types of antiques. At Friday’s auction there will be antique records that include Elvis Presley and many other artist, also there will be hundreds of other small antique items to choose from.
If you’re in the market for something a little bit bigger than a record or a small antique, than Bird’s Eye Treasures has lots of furniture that will be on the auction block Friday night. They will have old rockers, antique tables and even an antique stove!

Bird’s Eye Treasures also has booths available for rent in there main facility and is open everyday of the week for you to come in and look around at all the great antiques available to buy.
You can either contact Marsha or Brenda at 918.830.7695 for more details about their store and auction details. Bird’s Eye Treasures is located at 15325 S. Memorial Drive and the auction will run from 6:30 until 8:30 PM tonight.


Written By: Eriech Tapia
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