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We Are Bixby is a locally owned company whose focus is the promotion of Bixby businesses and community solidarity. We strive to give residents multiple ways of giving, sharing, and celebrating in this great town. Bixby is a growing and hearty community that has some of the most dedicated professionals leading it. “We Are Bixby” would like to get down to the heart of the matter by giving this community new opportunities to contribute while enjoying Bixby in an all new way. Knowing your neighbor and welcoming new residents is a staple in any great Midwest town. Whether it is by giving you great deals, exciting giveaways, or new insight into your local businesses, “We Are Bixby” is dedicated to helping orchestrate a new vision of hospitality for our city.

Facebook has become the new standard of communication in almost every household. “We Are Bixby” would like to invite you to stay in touch with us on Facebook. We in turn, will keep you up to date on giveaways, deals, stories, and local business insights throughout the week.

We WANT to know your ideas, thoughts, and stories. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email, letter, or just give us a call.


We Are Bixby



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